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Hey, Aggies!!
We just beat the hell outta you!
Rammer Jammer!
Yellow Hammer!
Give ‘em hell, Alabama!!

And you, Johnny Football. You gave it a good fight, but you didn’t get it this time. Roll tide.

My love of Vinnie Sunseri cannot be explained.

He just keeps doing things like… that. And being a baller.

Yes. This is more like it… 21-14 Bama!! Thank goodness Kenny Bell decided not to hang up his cleats after all!

Okay. Heart is starting to calm down a little. Let’s settle into this game, y’all. Have a solid 3 quarters left to dominate.

Oh, we decided to show up now. Thanks, AJ.

Roll Tide, and thank goodness.

Who is this team, and what did they do with my Crimson Tide?

It would be really great if our defenders would turn around and look to see the ball going straight into the hands of the receivers…

I find it really interesting that when you look at Alabama football, none of the players are really huge standouts. I mean, AJ is an amazing quarterback and gets a lot of attention, but the face of Alabama football is Nick Saban. No question. Whereas I never think of Kevin Sumlin when I think of A&M. It’s all Manziel.

But even when Mark Ingram won the Heisman, it’s all the Nick Saban show.